Grant Lovett began his passion for photography at the age of 15 while in high school in Florence, Alabama, where he began creating images for the school's journalism classes for the school newspaper and yearbook. "I went from never touching a camera before to shooting daily within the span of a week. I've always been a technical person, and shooting film and developing it in the darkroom was a natural fit for me." During high school Grant began to win numerous awards for his photography, including nine state photojournalism competitions and was a national Quill and Scroll award recipient in photography. Journalism and sports photography were his first areas of interest, and he loved the challenge of shooting action and telling a story through visuals. Grant continued his education at the University of North Alabama, earning his bachelor's degree in photography. He was the head photographer for the university's publications department which included shooting for the college newspaper and public relations department. It was during this time that he discovered his true passion for photographing people and creating stunning effects with studio lighting. "This was the first time I had ever been in a photo studio, and it was like a switch had been turned on. I spent more time in the studio shooting than I did in class." It was here that he discovered his true direction in photography. No longer content to document people and events, he wanted to control the photographs, not to simply observe the scene, but to create it.

After college Grant worked for various clients and expanded his studio work to include the music recording scene in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. At that time the city hosted a vibrant, thriving industry which supported seven full time recording studios. He made numerous music industry connections during this time, eventually leading to his move to Nashville. After brief stints on the east and west coasts, he realized that the perfect city for him would need to be smaller, but still diverse. "I moved to Nashville in 1992, primarily to shoot images for the fashion and music industries here. I really like Nashville because it is a large city with a small town feel, so that was just what I was looking for." For more than 20 years Grant has operated his Nashville studio, producing images for various clients within the advertising, fashion, and music industries. "I'm excited by the changes in technology that have occurred in digital photography, and look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead. It's different everyday, and that's what makes it fun. Without the fun, what's the point?"

A complete list of Grant's published work and client list is available upon request. Art direction, video production, styling, hair, make-up and location references are also available.

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